as far back as i can remember,
i have always loved to code...


I have always loved tinkering and creating - building experiences that others can enjoy, use and love.
Through the medium of bits and bytes I’ve created apps, websites, standalone programs, web services, you name it. It’s fun! I love to see ideas grow and flourish into amazing experiences that can change perspectives and lives. Please explore my site, and reach out to me for business or for just to chat

i like a good challenge, look it square in the eye, and show it who's boss

Notable Projects

FamilyMap App + Server

Jun 2019

Android, Java

Custom Family History Android app which connects to a custom Java server making various get/post requests for logging in, updating data, etc. App comes complete with Google Map API integration, mapping family data with connecting lines and markers

Python Adventure Game

Dec 2018


A simple RPG console game where the user goes through 10 stages or quests until they beat the last one. Each quest either consists of buying items at the trading post, or fighting different and diverse enemies

Tetris Site with Authentication

Dec 2018

HTML, CSS, JS, + MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node)

This project takes and expands upon my previous Tetris project by adding full fledged support for users to create an account on the website and login with their Tetris scores saved. Cookies are also used to keep them logged in on their specific computer. They can update their email and other account info through an account info page. Basic security is implemented included hashing their password to ensure some basic security

Star Wars Character Generator

Oct 2018

HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery + AJAX

Which Star Wars character do you most identify with? Use this website to find out! Also gets you all of the information you could ever want about your character, including information about their planet and ships etc by making calls to the Star Wars API

Book Club Comment Website

Nov 2018

HTML, CSS, JS, Node.js + Mongo

This website is built for users to post comments of how their reading of the Book of Mormon is going. The comments are stored in a Mongo.js database on the Node.js server and the website updates every 10 seconds to show the new comments in near real time to viewers

First Vision Comparison

Dec 2018


A website that helps users compare different versions of the Joseph Smith's First Vision. Allows comparison of up to all of the visions at the same time, also has handy optional selected highlighting for different areas of interest within each vision including people, places, similarities and differences between each vision

Read the Standard Works



Website I built which allows users to set custom start and stop dates for reading the scriptures, then it schedules out how many chapters to read each day based on the number of verses in each chapter

CSF Valentine Match Up

Feb 2016

Java, JavaFX

This is a program I wrote in high school for the California Scholarship Federation club. They have a Valentine's Day fundraiser where students can take a survey and see their best date options. I wrote the program that did all of the matching, printing, formatting, and so on. They still use the program to this day!

LDS Children's Activity App

Feb 2016

Java, Android Dev, LibGDX

Android app developed for the LDSTech app contest in 2014. Got 2nd place in the Children 12 and Under division. Currently has over 90,000 downloads on Google Play! It is an app with many different games including Memory, 2048, Hangman, Simon, and others but with a gospel twist

Money Dash

Dec 2015

Java, Android Dev, LibGDX

A classic catching game where the user controls a bucket and tries to catch all of the falling coins. Don't drop any of 'em!!! It's easy at first, but quickly picks up pace and soon the player is scrambling to catch all the coins. It sure doesn't help that soon bombs, squids, clouds, and other obstacles get in the way! Abilities and add-ons can be purchased in the store to get a higher score!

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Digital Resume


Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

Computer Science w/ Data Science Emphasis, BS

Graduation: Apr 2022

Cumulative GPA: 3.95

Stanford High School Summer College

Stanford, California

Client side Internet Technologies

Summer 2015

GPA: 4.0

Work Experience

Full Stack Web Developer

T2 Modus, LLC

Jun 2019 - Present

  • Self-motivated and internally powered – given project, saw what needed to be done, and got to business developing and working with team members to complete it. Kept myself accountable to personal goals and deadlines by making plans and thinking with the end in mind
  • Maintained open and frequent contact with the CTO with progress updates, future project plans and direction by being active in communication over Slack and email. Responsive and communicated with other developers on the team through team code reviews and general assistance
  • Developed reporting tool for clients by learning and utilizing web technologies including Rails, jQuery and React. This tool allows clients to quickly understand their personal company needs based on their data by displaying the data in easy to read, interactive graphs and tables

Independent Programming Contractor

Zuar, Inc

Dec 2018 - Present

  • Reliable member of the team by maintaining consistent and helpful communication with the CTO and Consultant Practice Director concerning the project design decisions and progress
  • Created a custom api in python which runs server side and fetches and organizes needed timecard information. Connected the Google Sheet to the api with ip address and api key security
  • Extended functionality of internal consultant timesheets by connecting Google Apps Script through Node.js to a postgres database despite not having much prior experience with postgres by problem solving, learning, and applying new concepts quickly

Core Skills

Proficient in the following languages and frameworks:

C++ | Python | Web | Java | GAS | Android | Ruby

Bootstrap | jQuery | React | Full MEAN Stack | Sass | Rails

SQLite and postgres Database Experience and noSQL with like MongoDB

Ability to learn new languages and frameworks quickly

Work effectively with other team members, delegating and receiving direction


Two Year Volunteer Service Representative

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Jun 2016 - Jul 2018

Idaho Falls, Idaho

  • Served in leadership positions, included planning and conducting weekly meetings, and weekly follow up and encouragement to other volunteers
  • Trained new volunteer representatives, prepared them for success by adapting to their needs and sharing relevant skills that I had honed
  • Communicated with many in the community in person and via text with enthusiasm in order to share our beliefs and offer specific support based on their needs
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